Malpas Church In Wales School 1968

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MALPAS Church in Wales School was built by public subscription, but as the parish was sparsely populated in those days, it is quite obvious that it would never have been built but for the generosity of two benefactors.
The site for the school was given by the Revd. Thomas Prothero of Malpas Court and Mr. T. J. Cordes of Brynglas House contributed the bulk of the money required. Both families were to remain keenly interested in the progress and development of the school for many years to come.
Here is a copy of part of the original Deed of Grant:
"On the 18th of June the Rev. Thomas Prothero voluntarily granted and conveyed a piece of land containing 1 acre 15 perches 12 sq. yds. situate in the Parish of Malpas to the Vicar of the parish and his successors the perpetual curates or vicars for the time being of the said parish upon trust to permit the said premises and all buildings erected thereon to be for ever appropriated and used as and for a scheme for the education of children and adults, or children only, of the labouring, manufacturing and other poorer classes in the Parish of Malpas;- that such school should be at all times be in union with and conducted according to the principles of the Established Church. The school is to be controlled by a committee of not exceeding five lay persons with the vicar and his curate as ex-officio members."
Free, compulsory and secular education was established by the Education Act of 1870, and in 1871 the school became a public elementary school with a part of each weekday set apart for teaching the children the principles of the Established Church.

Text and photo from the pamphlet produced to mark the centenary of the school in 1968. (Published by Hughes & Son Ltd. Pontypool Mon.)