Newport Photographers - Dando

Photo reference number: 1502

Isaac Dando was initially a plumber/painter. He later became a photographer, possibly when at Bristol in the mid 1850s or maybe at Usk in the late 1850s. Although there are many of his cabinet photos giving evidence of his involvement in photography he and his family continued to operate as plumbers and decorators for the rest of the nineteenth century.

He moved to Newport (129 Commercial Road) some time before 1875 and on to 47 Commercial Street some time between 1876 and 1880.

He first operated under the name Isaac Dando or I Dando, then I T Dando and sons. For a while he called himself James Dando and this may be why some photos carry the business name J T Dando and Sons. Later in life he reverted to the name Isaac.

He died in 1903.


Isaac Tovey Dando was born in the Frampton Cotterell / Coalpit Heath area, NE of Bristol, in the county of Gloucestershire, 1829. In 1849 he married Sarah Ann Haysom and in 1851 was living in her home town Alverstoke near Gosport. His occupation (census data) was 'painter, plumber etc'.

The birth places of his children give us some idea of his locations over the next twenty years:
Isaac Francis Tovey Dando was born in Alverstoke in 1852.
Charles H Dando was born in Bedminster, Bristol around 1855.
William was born in Usk around 1859
Mary Ann Dando was born in Usk around 1861.
Alfred Dando was born in Usk around 1867.
John Dando was born in Usk around 1869.
Arthur was born in Usk around 1872.

In 1861 Isaac's occupation (census data) is 'Plumber', he was living with his wife and son in Bridge Street Usk.
In 1871 Isaac and family are still living in Bridge Street Usk. Isaac (father), Isaac (son) and Charles are all 'painters' but wife Sarah is 'taker of photographs' (census data).

In 1871 Isaac Dando was contracted to photograph prisoners in Usk Gaol over three months for the sum of five pounds. (Follow the link at the foot of the page for more about the Usk Gaol records now held at Gwent Records Office.)

Some time before 1875 he had moved to 129 Commercial Road Newport.

In 1881 the family were living at 47 Commercial Street. There is no mention of photography in the census record. Isaac (father) and Isaac (son) are 'painter, decorators' and Mary Ann is 'assistant plumber' (census data).

In 1891 the family was still at 47 Commercial Street. However Isaac was giving his name as James T Dando. He and Alfred are listed as 'photographic artists' while John and Arthur are 'painters' (census data).

In 1901 Isaac T Dando, aged 72, was living with a servant at Haysom Villa, Chepstow Road, Newport; his occupation 'retired plumber'.

Isaac Tovey Dando died 12th March 1903. He left 1125 16s 8d to sons Isaac Francis Tovey Dando and John Dando both described as 'plumbers'.

Looking at contemporary directories we find:
1865 Bridge Street Usk Isaac Dando, 'plumber, painter and photographer' (Webster's Directory 1865).
1871 Bridge Street Usk - Isaac Dando, printer (P.O. Directory, Monmouthshire, 1871)
1875 129 Commercial Road Newport - Isaac T Dando, 'photographic artist' (Worrall's Directory 1875).
1876 129 Commercial Road Newport - Isaac Terry Dando, 'plumber and photographer' (Mercer's Directory 1876).
1876 129 Commercial Road Newport - Isaac T Dando, 'photographer and plumber' (Butcher's Directory 1876).
1880 47 Commercial Street Newport - J T Dando and Sons, 'photographic artists' (Slater's Directory 1880).
1897 47 Commercial Street Newport - I T Dando and Sons, 'artist and photographer' (Johns' Directory 1897).
1903 47 Commercial Street Newport - I T Dando and Sons, 'photographers' (Johns' Directory 1903).


If you can fill in any gaps or correct any of this information please contact us. Also please let us know if you have any unusual photographs taken by this artist.

Photographs of prisoners in Usk Gaol 1871 - 1876