Charles Thomas, Mayor of Newport 1915 - 1916

Photo reference number: 1396

(Photo and text from "Who's Who In Newport" 1920.)

Thomas, Charles was born at Bradford. At ten years of age he went to work on the surface at the Oaks colliery, near Barnsley. Had he been employed underground at the time, he would probably have perished in a terrible explosion which occurred at this pit, in which some 360 men lost their lives. In 1888 Mr. Thomas, like other canny men from the North, came to Newport. His abilities as a leader (in the Trade Union movement) were soon recognised by being appointed secretary of the local branch of the Glass Bottle Makers Union, which position he still holds. He was elected a member of the Town Council in 1902 as one of the representatives of the Crindau Ward, which position he has retained ever since, and on the 9th November, 1915, he was appointed the first Labour Mayor of Newport, and in 1907 a J.P. Takes a keen interest in the housing of the working classes, open spaces and recreation grounds; is chairman of the Parks and Cemeteries Committee, Was the first Mayor to be elected an honorary member of the Newport Chamber of Commerce Incorporated. Address: 18 Hopefield, Barrack Hill.

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