Ralph William Arthur

Photo reference number: 1364

(Photo and text from "Who's Who In Newport" 1920.)

Arthur, Ralph William was born at Newport in 1894, and is the only son of the late W. D. Arthur. Was educated locally, and after leaving school entered the Caerleon Tinplate and Engineering Works, where he saw a good deal of the practical side of engineering. Remaining there for about three years, he returned to Newport to take up the position of directing the business of R. Arthur and Son, which had been formerly operated by his father, who died in 1911. Mr. Arthur is today the active partner in the firm, whose name is well known in connection with general engineering and foundry work throughout South Wales. In 1918 Mr. Arthur married Miss Ingham, the only daughter of Mr. G. H. Ingham, of Oakfield Road. Is fond of motoring and fishing. Address: Newcastle Engineering Works, Coomassioe Street. Tel. 2812. Telegraphic address: "Energetic." Residence: Glenmore, Stow Hill. Tel. 2838.