The Manitoba 'Adrift' In The River Usk Newport

Photo reference number: 1015

Huge former Canadian Great Lakes cargo ship scrapped at Cashmore's Newport in 1969. Built in 1907 and formerly named Verona, it had a gross tonnage of 6127.

There was high drama prior to her final demise. She was left resting on the muddy bank of the Usk. But due to her flat bottom, 'flat iron' shape, she slipped down the bank to the centre of the river as the tide went out (as captured in the photo above by DJ Lynch). It was feared she would crash into Newport's 1.6 million George Street Bridge. Fortunately she was resting on the river bed and, as the tide came back in, tugs were able to tow her to safety.

Photograph copyright DJ Lynch, Newport.

Cashmore's Newport