The Tredegar Dry Dock

Photo reference number: 1309

The "Kintuck" (deadweight, 8 000 tons), undergoing repairs in the Tredegar Dry Dock, Newport Monmouthshire.

From "The Alexandra Docks, Newport" published 1914:

"This dry dock, which is one of the largest in the Bristol Channel, is situated midway between the Alexandra Dock and Town Dock entrances. From the inside entrance gates to the head of the dry dock the length is 712 feet, the width 80 feet, and metal keel blocks (with hardwood caps) 5 feet high. It is divided into two compartments of 358 feet and 352 feet by intermediate gates, and a third pair of gates is also fitted at the entrance, so that vessels can be kept afloat within the dock even after the tide has ebbed.
"The width of the entrance gates is 65 feet, and the depth of water on cills is 29 feet, Spring tides, and 18 feet, Neap tides.
"A line of rails runs from the Great Western Railway the entire length of the docks, aud alongside the whole of the workshops, which are on the south side of the dry docks. The workshops are fitted out with machinery and tools of the most improved type for executing all classes of work to hull, engines, boilers, etc., in the quickest and most efficient manner.
"In order to further facilitate repairs, portable electric plants are placed on board vessels, for supplying the motive power for drilling, boring, etc., this effecting a great saving of time. Special oxy-acetylene and electric welding plants have also been installed to further expedite repairs.
"These docks are equipped with a powerful pumping plant, and can be completely cleared of water within two hours. Ships drydocking for repairs only, and proceeding straight out to sea again, are exempt from wet dock or harbour dues.
"The docks are equipped with nine steam travelling cranes; the largest will lift 15 tons direct from centre of docks to works in one lift.
"The Tredegar Dry Docks have recently undergone considerable improvements, and there is not a single department which has not been thoroughly overhauled and brought up-to-date. All the docks and works are lighted by electricity.
"The approach to the docks is easy and safe, the width of the river in this locality being over 900 feet.
"The advantages and exceptional facilities provided by this Company have been much appreciated by Shipowners and others, and the docks are constantly occupied with vessels undergoing repairs.
"The repairing quays and wharves have a river frontage of 600 feet, possessing very deep berths, and they can accommodate steamers of almost any size. The wharves are equipped with five locomotive cranes of quick capacity. A very large loading and discharging business is done at these wharves, where every despatch can be relied upon. The principal cargoes include pitwood, iron ore, pyrites, and continental cargoes."