Coal Hoist at Alexandra Dock Newport 1914

Photo reference number: 1303

From "The Alexander Docks, Newport" published 1914:

"The method of tipping tends still further to promote despatch. The work is easily and smoothly performed in the following manner: the loaded wagon is run along a low level road on to the hydraulic hoist, where it is mechanically gripped, then lifted, and tipped into the ship. The empty wagon, instead of again being lowered to the level it started from is returned on a high level road, and runs home to the "empty" sidings down a carefully graded slope. This system enables the work to be carried on in a steady and uninterrupted manner. The only limit, in practice, is the necessity of trimming cargoes in the hold, and the use of anti-breakage cranes and boxes in shipping the first few wagon loads.
"Wagons are re-tared without extra charge."