Letting Water into the South Dock Extension, Alexandra Docks, Newport 1907

Photo reference number: 1296

From 'The Alexandra Docks, Newport', published 1914:

"The Alexandra Docks and Railway Company then obtained powers (in 1904) inter alia, to extend their South Dock. This work, and those which followed have been of the highest importance to the prosperity of the undertaking, and of the port as a whole. They are interesting alike to the Engineer on account of the difficulties which had to be overcome in their execution, as well as to the commercial community of a large section of England and Wales who largely benefited, and will benefit still more in the future, by the excellent facilities which have been provided.
"No sooner were the necessary powers obtained than the work was taken in hand. The contract was let to Messrs. Easton Gibb & Son, in May, 1905, and the work (which included a length of quay wall, 2,200 feet long on the south side) was proceeded with day and night until November, 1907, when a deep water area of 48 acres was opened for traffic. The task of filling this area with water was actually commenced on 21st September, 1907. The water was obtained from the existing docks, the level of which was raised by means of pumping from the rivers Ebbw and Usk."