Lysaght's Orb Works Brass Band 1937

Photo reference number: 46

By Owen Davies, Band Secretary.

The Band was formed under Bandmaster Jack Marsh when the men returned from the Great War, and the first parade was at the Re-union on Somerton Park in 1919.
Mr. A. Leyshon (late of New Tredegar and Cwm Prize Bands), who has a lifetime experience of first-class contesting, was placed in charge in 1924, since when the band has been known as "The Newport Popular Band " and are regularly engaged for the important events in Monmouthshire and adjoining counties.
Their repertoire consists of the works of all the great masters and they can be guaranteed to give a programme suitable to any occasion.
Mr. Fred Pugh and Mr. Brad. Shergold are the only members who were members at the time of its formation. Mr. Owen Davies has been the Hon. Secretary for the past seven years. As reward for perseverance and success, Mr. W. R. Lysaght has presented them with a very comprehensive Coronation gift of new instruments and uniforms.

(Image and text from Newport Encyclopaedia 1937)