St Woolos Cemetery - The Haunted Holy Ground

From the book "The Haunted Holy Ground" by Mike Buckingham and Richard Frame published in 1988.

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Starting From Scratch

By Mike Buckingham and Richard Frame
First published 1988

© Mike Buckingham and Richard Frame 2012

“About two years ago I was wandering around near where they throw dead flowers near the old mortuary,” Richard recalls.

“Half buried beneath the rotting stems I glimpsed a piece of metal which I tugged to reveal a cast iron grave marker.”

“The story behind it is not the most edifying in the history of St Woolos, but here it is for what it is worth. The grave marker says nothing in particular. Nevertheless it was a shame to see it thrown away with the refuse so I took it home intending to clean it up and perhaps to find out something about the man.”

“The funny thing was I chanced upon the story while looking for something completely different in the Monmouthshire Merlin. I’m not sure what it was that made me stop and read this little story. I think I must have been fascinated by it because of the little shaft of light it throws upon human behaviour when people are under stress and in the presence of death.”

“John Cashman, the man whose marker I found, lived in Potters’ Parade, Newport, and it was at his funeral his wife and her sister-in- law came to blows.”

“It seems the two women were married to two brothers but ill-feeling existed between the families.”

“One of the women swore at the other and received a cup of tea in her face for her trouble. A scratching, screaming match ensued and the upshot was that both appeared before the magistrate the following day.”

“Both women were thoroughly wigged and fined half a guinea each and bound over for six months to keep the peace.”

“I don’t know whether the conditions which were tacked onto the fine were complied with and I never came across anything in later editions of the newspaper which suggested they had come to blows ever again.”

“One thing is certain, though. John Cashman lay peaceful enough in his grave even if his relatives continued feuding."